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"Safe&Sound in Pompeii" [Bastille + Capital Cities] (Unity303's Mashup Remix)

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My Classic Vocal/Anthem Trance mix
* stream the 80 minute MP3 here:
DJ Unity303 - Sanctuary [2009].mp3(or right-click to save!)

* or, download the 17 individual MP3 tracks here:
DJ Unity303 - Sanctuary [2009].zip
  • Intro track includes quotes from Carl Sagan's original cosmos.
  • Includes a couple tranceXpop songs I loved getting mashed up: Coldplay - Clocks and The Killers - Mr. Brightside, trance-ified, in the same key AND mostly the same chord progressions, aside a few measures and extra beats here and there, the tracks were begging to be stacked on top of the other.
  • Beware! Mixed this for a more general trance EDM audience, to entice more listeners to show that more melodic, less techno-rave-ish trance exists in the wide genre that trance Dance Music has become. Enjoy!